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The Story of Earth's Answers

It all began in 2007 when I, Vikki Schlegel, the founder of Earth's Answers was diagnosed with cancer. I was like everyone else and was wrapped in the fast paced world. I was busy running the Horseshoe Ranch as the owner and operator, giving riding lessons and putting on large events. I ate somewhat healthy I thought....drank my diet coke and counted calories and carbs......watched my weight and got plenty of exercise. I took good care of my animals....(I thought)....got their vaccinations regularly, kept fleas, ticks worms at bay with chemicals for all my dogs, cats, horses and other farm animals and was at the Veterinarian pretty regularly.

I got the flu and colds during the season like most and I had lots of trips to the Vet with all kinds of animal ailments, like congestive heart failure, cancer, seizures, colic and much more. It seemed normal....UNTIL I made a huge breakthrough.... When I was diagnosed with sinus cancer myself, I had just lost my Mother to cancer after battling it with chemo and radiation, my Grandmother also, my Uncle and my Father. Something made me decide to look at alternatives, since conventional treatments let my family down so much.

I turned to research and an old holistic Doctor that changed my life for he best! Not only did I heal my cancer, I have not been sick or even had a headache since 2007. I then put my animals on a all natural NO CHEMICAL lifestyle, the transformation was crazy. I love my Veterinarian dearly but I have not needed him for anything more than a cut or bruise in years! My animals have become so healthy there is no need. All the Horseshoe Ranch Customers, Students and towns people saw the transformation and wanted it for themselves. I started making my homemade concoctions that I perfected just for me and my animals and selling it to my friends, family and town. Word of mouth started and Earth's Answers was born.


During my ongoing journey towards an all natural lifestyle I have spent countless hours daily, reading, researching and sharing the best remedies for so many of life's little necessities. All the products we have are used daily by us and our pets. They are our favorites and can be found on our kitchen counters, bathroom cupboards and tack rooms. We stand behind all our products with great love and pride as we know we could not live without them!    

We stand behind a 100% satisfaction Guarantee


Our Mission

My family and I are  extremely passionate about living healthier and all natural. Our mission is to spread the word for all to experience that great awakening and see how easy it is to use all that Mother Earth has to offer for a happier, healthier life. We hope to be that exact inspiration that changed our lives. There is nothing worse than not having good health.....wether it's you our your pet. Life is good and so much better all natural.

We operate as a very small family business from the Horseshoe Ranch in SW Oklahoma. Our goal is to always have the best customer service we can provide. We make each batch of our products with love from our family to yours. We are deeply compassionate for all living creatures on this earth and support all that agree. We are always looking for ways to help and do our part for a better tomorrow.