Customer's Frequently Asked Questions


  • How does Earth's Answers Special Blends kill fleas, ticks and worms?

No More Dog & Cat Fleas and No More Dog and Cat Worms, blends the highest quality 100% Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth from EPA Approved Perma Guard. Diatomaceous Earth also known as D.E., diatomite, is a naturally occurring, soft, siliceous sedimentary rock that is easily crumbled into a fine white to off-white powder. This powder has a mildly abrasive structure. While it is harmless to pets and humans, the abrasive structure is deadly to invertebrates. The tiny sharp diatoms scratch the waxy coating of the fleas and ticks and leave them to dehydrate and die. This same action takes place with intestinal parasites. Not only do we use Diatomaceous Earth, we add a special belnd of herbs to help repel fleas and ticks.

  • Will the fleas and ticks become resistant to No More Flea Powder?

No! There is no chance for fleas and ticks to form a resistance. The powder does not kill with with any chemical action it kills with physical action, therefore there is absolutely no chance of resistance. It will work every time.

  • Are the herbs used in Earth's Answers No More Flea Powders safe for all Cats and Dogs?

Yes! We specifically chose herbs that are both Dog and Cat friendly and known to repel fleas and ticks. We also chose to use powdered herbs instead of essential oils, as oils can be more irritating to pets. These powdered herbs are safe for all pets, including Ferrets, Rabbits, Chickens and Birds. They are all organic and 100% non toxic.

  • Is there a strong odor to No More Flea Powder?

No! In-fact there is almost no odor at all. The Lemongrass and Rosemary have a slight wonderful scent, but the Neem is almost odorless. Diatomaceous Earth has no odor at all. An added benefit to using the powder directly on your pet or in their bedding is it can actually adsorb odors making your pet and their bedding smell better.

  • Will Earth's Answers No More Flea Powders dry out my pets skin?

When you apply the powder with your hands, your hands will feel dry at first, but after a while that feeling goes away. I have personally dusted my entire head and wore the powder for 48 hours. My hair felt slightly course but I had no irritation at all, in-fact after I shampooed, my hair was very shiny and healthy. We have not seen any irritation or skin problems with our pets or have had any reported. We have had several reports of mange imporving as well as hot spots clearing up. 

  • I have a young puppy, kitten, pregnant or nursing mother is No More Flea Powder safe to use? How about No More Worms?

Yes! Absolutely! We have used No More Flea Powder on both kittens and puppies from only a few days old. Kittens can be notorious for fleas at just a few days old. We have dusted them at all ages with no problems at all. We do be sure to avoid dusting their heads as we do not want the powder to be directly inhaled in large amounts. The powder can be applied to pregnant and nursing mothers too. But once again we only lightly dust around the mothers teets, so babies nursing will not inhale too much of the powder while eating. We have generously powdered flea or tick infested mothers and babies with no problems at all.

As far as the No More Worm powder, it too can be used as soon as the babies can eat solid food or drink milk from a bowl. The No More Worm Blend is safe for all ages and for any living creature! We have given it to kittens at only 3 weeks of age that were infested with Coccidiosis, a parasitic type of infection. We had improvement in less than 12 hours and the infection cleared up completely in 72 hours.

  • Is No More Flea Powder safe for carpets and furniture?

Yes! We have used it in every square inch of our house. We have not seen any discoloration in our carpets or furniture. The powder can be sprinkled and worked into carpets and under couch cushions. The powder can also be put in cabinets and around base boards. The powder will kill spiders, cockroaches, ants and silverfish too. We have sprinkled the powder generously in our Dogs crates and in their bedding, when washed we did not see any residue or damage in the washer or dryer. When dusting in your home it is a good idea to cover electronics as the powder is fine. 

  • How often do I need to use No More Flea Powder

That all depends on your flea or tick infestation, your climate and how often your pets travel out to areas that have fleas and ticks. In general when fleas and tick are present on your dog or in your yard, apply liberally, then wait about a week and reapply. The trick is to be patient!! The powder kills by physical action so it will take some time to kill all the fleas and ticks. Ticks can even take longer as their waxy coating is thicker than fleas. In two to three weeks all your fleas should be gone, ticks will be about half gone or better. Once your under control.....during the Spring, Summer and Fall a maintenance dose is all that is needed. Lightly dusting about once a month in your pet's bedding. If you live in a humid climate it may take more time to rid fleas and ticks as they will not dehydrate as fast as dry arid climates. Be patient! Let it work, remember it is not a chemical that kills them on contact, however given time this will work better than any chemical and be safer for you, your family and your furry loved one.

  • My Pet is under a Vets care is this safe to use?

Yes! The No More Flea Powder is completely safe to use with any other flea treatments or medical treatments. however it is always best to consult your Veterinarian before using any kind of new treatment. No More Worms should not be taken at the same time medication is given, it should be given 2 hours before or 2 hours after. The Diatomaceous Earth can absorb medicine and remove it from the body. As long as you wait 2 hours either way, it would be fine to use with any medications, but discussing treatment with your Vet is always a good idea.

  • We already use a spot on treatment, do we need No More Flea Powder too?

No More Flea Powder can be used with any other treatment, but No More Flea Powder is a stand alone treatment. There is no need to use any other treatment. Spot on chemical flea and tick treatments are harsh on your pet and toxic for both you and your pet. Absorbing chemicals into your pets blood stream to kill fleas and ticks can cause disease, like cancer and many other auto immune diseases. Using an all natural, non toxic, organic flea and tick treatments is safe for you and your pet and will greatly reduce the toxin build up.

  • Do you accept checks or local pick up?

Yes! We accept personal checks! If you would like to order and send a check, you may call or email us to place and order. Just visit our contact info for more information. Visitors are always welcome to pick up their orders at the Horseshoe Ranch if you are local or passing through. 

If you have any questions that we have not answered....please feel free to contact us! We are always here to answer questions!