All Natural Cat and Kitten Ear Powder and Mite Remedy Cat Grooimg Powder

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Earth clay and ground neem powder cat ear powder. 100% safe and effective for cat ear mites and yeast overgrowth. Can be used on kittens, 6 weeks and older, lactating and pregnant mothers. 

This is Winifred's special blend, it seemed nothing would give her relief until we found this! When she sees the bottle she comes running and purring! She absolutely knows how much it helps her! This will kill mites on contact and kill bacteria that can cause irritation. 

Kibble that contains corn or soy seems to add to ear problems in both dogs and cats. Yeast overgrowth is a perfect environment for mites and bacteria. It also seems heavy humidity and fleas spark ear problems. this earth clay blend kills mites, dries moisture and stops yeast and bacteria. The ground powdered neem is an antifungal, antimicrobial and antibacterial. The blend is perfect for cats, extremely safe and non toxic as most cats don't tolerate oils well. 

Easy to use, just dust a little in each ear and rub in daily, relief is usually seen instantly, clear healed ears are usually seen in a few weeks. Can be used weekly or monthly for preventative.

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