3 oz 100% Natural New Sweet Orange and Anise Kid's All Natural Remineralizing Anti Cavity Tooth Powder

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3 oz Sweet Orange and Anise Remineralizing Tooth Powder Special Blend that kids seem to love! 

This blend is a favorite with my grand babies, they range from 2 to 14 yrs and have used many of my blends and this one hands down seems to be a favorite with the younger guys. 

Note: Anise does have a licorice flavor, however it is very sweet and in small amounts mixed with Orange, it's taste is well like by all. The dose is safe for children, however it is noted that pregnant women should avoid anise during pregnancy as to not stimulate an early labor. 

Perfect for all ages
For children who are too young to brush on their own, you can wet your finger or a cotton cloth and add a small amount of powder. Gently massage teeth and gums. With a cotton cloth you can rinse and wipe teeth clean, small amounts swallowed are fine as it is natural and non toxic and the essential oils are very light. Always do a small test amount to see if your toddler has any allergies to new compounds. Usually the ingredients are well tolerated by all. 

Children who are able to brush and rinse on their own can wet their toothbrush and add a small amount of powder, brush well and rinse twice daily. 

This blend can replace toothpaste or be added to a regimen. 
For children who prefer a paste, you can add 1 to 1 powder to coconut oil to form a paste. 
Mashed bananas works well too, and both have oral health benefits as well. 

Brushing twice daily is recommended, especially before bed as the blend will alkaline the mouth and fight tooth decay. 

All 6 flavors in my store are safe for all ages. But as recommended, always test your youngster for allergies first :)