30 Day Healing Natural Herbal Mouth Wash, Healthy Gums, Tooth Whitener 8 oz

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Several Years ago......after coming up with a perfect blend of plaque remover for our dogs...... (No More Bad Dog Breath in our store also) We started using it on us too........ WOW!! it sure works! 

So here it is ........ our families most favorite healing mouth wash! Normally within 30 days you will see a major difference in your oral health. 

By popular demand...we now offer this is in both 8 oz and 16 oz Bottles. The 8 oz is about a 60 day supply, and the 16 oz is about a 120 day supply if used at the recommended daily dose for oral maintenance. Be sure to check out our 16 oz bottle in our store. 

Some of the results my family and I personally have seen are:

Whiter teeth
Plaque gone
Tighter gums
No bleeding gums
Canker sores gone 
No bad breath 
And I personally have seen 3 cavities completely disappear. 

The alcohol content is less than 2% and does have benefits besides a preservative, as it loosens plaque. We use a pure grain 100 proof high quality natural Vodka. if you would prefer no alcohol, just email me for a custom order. :) 

Can be used by adults and children of any age (when they can spit it out). 

Can be used by the dog too. Dilute 1:1 with distilled water to save money for dogs and kids. 


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    Posted by VickieL on 19th May 2017

    What a great product! Smells, tastes wonderful! My boyfriend took it over saying it has helped in healing a cold sore. Really love it!