Posted by Earth's Answers on 14th Oct 2019

Can a Simple Homemade Natural Penetrating Salve Heal Plantar Fasciitis Pain

Can a Simple Homemade Natural Penetrating Salve Heal Plantar Fasciitis Pain

At 55 years old, you would think I would of heard of plantar fasciitis lol, not until I got it myself did this strange thing come into my reality! From what I understand you get this crazy thing by tearing your fascia. but I am not 100% convinced it is caused from physical injury, excessive strain or poor foot wear. I am not a jogger, extremely athletic or even moderately athletic, I am barefoot 80% of the time and in flip flops the rest and it's been that way for years! I just don't see how I could of tore or strained my fascia lol. Doing a quick google search this is about all you will see. But with deeper searches and using other keywords, I found that it can be from collagen degeneration, now that sounds like something that could be going on with me. So all the changing shoes, rubbing on a ball or frozen water bottle won't help the core problem. This may be why, many people don't get relief. I am sure there are plenty of plantar fasciitis cases that come from physical injury but what about the cases that are collagen related? 

Another thing to look at is the entire body's inflammatory response, there seems to be a link between many auto immune disorders and plantar facsiitis and while I can not find any sold studies or speculations other than for necrotizing fasciitis which is not at all what I am referring to. I do believe that there may even be some sort of bacterial or maybe even viral pathogen that causes non necrotic inflammation in the fascia. but maybe not? 

I have read several articles on a correlation between diet and plantar fasciitis, mostly glutten intolerance which would make a lot of sense because diet has a lot to do with our inflammatory responses. Well I could go on and on, but the bottom line is this aliment can be very painful and take months to even years to over come. With that said, I would like to share how I personally got rid of it 100% 

I do believe mine may have been from menopause and collagen degeneration but when I took collagen I had some other strange symptoms that I will address in another post, long story short collagen didn't do well for me. So that was out, I did up my omega 3s and took 2000 mg daily of black seed oil but I do believe the key component to rid my plantar fasciitis was my salve, yes just a simple homemade salve. I made this pain relief salve for a customer with arthritis in his hands and it sure works good for that, but I never really thought of using it for my plantar fasciitis, I stumbled on this by accident. After I made a large batch, I had some left over and put it in a jar for myself. I set it by my bed and after my shower, I rubbed my feet with my salve, put on socks and went to bed, the next morning I woke up and went to take my first steps and had no pain, I actually didn't even notice it. several days went by and I didn't use the salve on my feet and the pain was back, then one night after my shower I rubbed my feet with the salve again, and woke again with no pain, I finally put the correlation together and realized this salve was completely relieving my plantar fasciitis. So I made up another batch and used it for several weeks strait and I had 100% relief! It was GONE FOR GOOD! I went several months without using any salve and it never came back. I still use it on my tired feet from time to time but I am cured! 

I am not saying this will work for every plantar fasciitis case but it sure is worth trying! I do believe there is something in this recipe that heals the fascia quickly. And as I said earlier, I did adjust my diet to add more omega 3s and less inflammatory foods. My healing pain relief salve recipe is as follows. I will put my amazon links to the brands I purchased myself to make this salve. If you purchase from the links it will give me a little commission and I sure appreciate that!! But if you can get them local or at a better price, just do it!! You will be so glad you did!! 

1/2 Cup Organic Unrefined Coconut oil 

1/4 Raw Shea Butter

2 tablespoons Organic Bees Wax

1/2 tsp Black Seed oil

1/2 tsp Turmeric oil

5 drops each of Wintergreen oil, Vetiver oil and Helichrysum oil. 

Blend this together over low heat in a sauce pan or double boiler, cool and put in an air tight container. 

Rub the bottom of your feet with this salve before bed for several weeks even after pain has subsided. 

Here is the link to my Youtube video on my Plantar Fasciitis Salve, be sure to subscribe :)