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Colloidal Silver for Flu Controversy, is it Really Safe and Does it Work?

Will Colloidal Silver Keep Me Healthy During the Flu Season? 

One of my brands I have used and really like, specially since they promote it is safe for pets!

link to it is here

With all the talk about the recent deadly coronavirus, among many other viruses and new flu strains popping up more and more, everyone is talking about Colloidal Silver. People seem to get caught up in the debate, is Colloidal Silver Safe?, does it really have any benefits?, what is the difference between true colloidal silver and ionic silver? and much more. These debates stem from lack of knowledge. There is lots of scientific research done on the efficacy of colloidal silver as well as documentation of it's use in many cultures for 100s of years. 

In this blog post I will cover these debates, with some scientific data but mostly on my personal experience I have had using it for the past decade. 

Why is there so much misinformation? 

With all the ways to research today, it seems people could make an informed decision on their own, but that is harder than it sounds! Greed, money and power all control our information on all ends of the scale. It's understandable that big Pharma companies would not want a "cure all" that people can purchase cheaply from many different vendors, or even worse make themselves for pennies. There is NO money in healthy people, sick people and pets are big $$$$ 

So........ not only do I have some awesome scientific data but my own experiences that I would like to pass along to help you make an informed decision about both the safety and benefits of Colloidal Silver. I do not endorse any of the brands that were used in testing. I just thought reading the findings were very interesting and thought you might too.... with that all said let me share where I began.

My first experience using colloidal silver. 

First off about 13 years ago (from time of publishing this blog post) when I first was introduced to colloidal silver, I was not only informed about the benefits but the warning that taking it internally could turn me BLUE like an umpa lumpa off of the  Willie Wanka and the Chocolate Factory movie. Of course that scared me to death and I decided to stay away from it... until more research and making friends with someone who not only made her own, but took it faithfully for over 10 years...... I've come to terms with, I am a slow learner... lol! 

Well during this time I was diagnosed with sinus cancer and decided to heal myself naturally instead of doing chemo and surgery so I decided to buy my first bottle from the health food store, I had a recurring sinus infection from the location of the tumor that stayed with me for about 5 or 6 years and taking antibiotics had become ineffective, to my surprise my infection cleared in just a few days.... so now my interest was really peaked. Knowing I had a weakened immune system and caught every cold and flu which always turned into a sinus infection I decided to stay on it daily.... I went an entire year with no sickness and was even around sick family members. So now I was SOLD!   ...... oh and by the way, I never turned BLUE lol! 

But.... I kinda still wasn't convinced it was the colloidal silver.  

Like I said, I had a cancer diagnosis and I was healing myself naturally, (book coming soon) so maybe my new found health was the diet, juicing, herbs and all the holistic stuff I was doing? Well I found out the hard way, I quit taking silver for a few months after the first year and I immediately started to get a sinus infection, but my tumor was not gone either, it quit growing but it stayed the same size and blocked any air to that sinus cavity. This made a breeding ground for bacteria :( I immediately started back on the silver and it cleared right up. Yes it is the silver that is keeping my sinus infections away and not my diet or herbs at this point. So now I am convinced!! 

I can honestly say that I have collected 100s of experiences with colloidal silver not only with my own self but my animals, my family members and their animals, friends and their animals and  100s of my customers too. 

Well that depends, I have seen poorly made, low quality in both, there are tons of videos and articles about making your own silver and it all boils down to one thing, the size of these nano particles of silver, the smaller the more bio-available it is to the cell. Plain and simple. Moving the water during the process is the key and secondly having a good strong electrical current is optimal. So making silver with a 9 volt battery in a mason jar in the window with a piece of tape shading some of the jar makes a lesser quality than a generator that has good strong current moving the silver in an aerated environment or with a magnetic stirrer. With all that said there are ways to reduce the particle size even more and this brings on the topic of is it colloidal silver or ionic silver?  

First of all there are two forms of colloidal silver, metallic silver suspensions and iconic silver suspensions both these are still "colloids" and despite all the controversy both are considered colloidal silver. Both have tiny silver particles suspended homogeneously and indefinitely in water or liquid. 

The difference between the two is that the metal form of colloidal silver is composed of bare metal tiny particles of elemental silver while iconic silver is composed of tiny silver particles that are positively charged atomic or molecular particles of silver that have been liberated from metallic silver using low voltage electricity. This is basically why both forms have been called colloidal silver for over the past 100 years or so. Marketers of the metallic form have just recently staked their claim on the form "Colloidal Silver" and since they both are true colloids this is totally false!  

I could go on and on about the specifics but the bottom line is the metallic silver suspensions are colloids. And the ionic silver suspensions are colloids. is a colloidal suspension of tiny metal particles of silver. And one is a colloidal suspension of tiny electrically-charged ionic particles of silver just like you’d find naturally in soil and edible plants.           

Okay so More research and time, I started the pets on it and using it for nearly everything....   Here is just a partial list of just some of the unbelievable things I have personally used it for in my skin and fur family. 

  • Immune support 
  • Wounds, cuts and scrapes 
  • Parasites (heartworm control) 
  • Eye infections
  • Cured Fistoulous Wiithers on a 32 yr old horse
  • Cured a 11 yr old horse with Botulism 
  • Food poisoning 
  • Infections internal and external
  • Thrush (Human's mouth, horse's hooves) 
  • Cured Cats with feline HIV and upper respiratory infections 
  • UTI 
  • Kennel cough in rescue dogs 

This list just goes on and on.... :)  and I do have to note that since I have been taking it I have not had a cold or flu in over a decade, that is absolutely something to brag about! Friends and family who have not taken it and have came down with flu or bronchitis and taken silver, we found it stops it right in its tracks and does not let the virus replicate any longer, cutting the sickness in half. 

Warning - A bit graphic but really good to know!! During the time of starting my silver, my horse got hung up in a barbed wire fence with gaping cuts I had to hit every health food store around to grab all the colloidal silver I could find. Living in a rural area, it was tough, so I bought several bottles online too... 

I kept the colloidal silver spray on him during his entire time of healing to keep infection out, I also gave him 1/2 cup daily of 10 ppm colloidal silver for 10 days. NO conventional treatment or antibiotic was given. I did apply a lavender, frankincense, myrrh and tea tree oil diluted in castor oil in between the silver treatments. He was completely healed in a about 3 weeks. 

My Thoroughbred, Caliber drank from a water tank with a mouse that had drowned in it and contracted botulism, he was an absolute disaster, learning that botulism in horses in nearly always fatal and especially without antiplasma. Being in a rural small community getting this needed antiplasma was not an option and too late in the game to even help. With tremors, sweats and complete shut down, we drug my horse back into the trailer at the Vet's office and I was sent home with the instructions to just let him ride it out and hope for the best. 

Once again, I hit every possible source I could find to buy colloidal silver for him, I syringed about 1/2 cup 10 ppm into his mouth about every 2 hours, he showed immediate relief and was up and eating in 24 hours. I had to keep him on the silver for nearly a month as I could see it was repairing nerve damage along with high doses of vitamin E given later in his treatment. Keeping Caliber on colloidal silver for an entire month was tricky, that is when I decided with 7 dogs, 5 cats, 9 horses a pig, donkey and 30 chickens it might be time to invest in a generator to make my own colloidal silver :) Which is exactly what I did! Caliber has now completely recovered running and bucking all over his pasture! 

I do make and sell silver but I recommend to everyone to buy and generator and make your won, specially if you have a large family, pets etc. My generator is over 5 years and this model here is a newer but I highly recommend getting one that makes the so called "iconic silver" using electric current to produce colloidal silver. I make 16 oz at a time and it takes about 24 hours, I use distilled water only! I replace my sterling silver rods about every two years and have my generator overlooked about every 4 years. Here is a link to one on amazon that is like mine and the exact one I bought my Sister :) This is my affiliate link :) 

One of my brands of colloidal silver I have used and really like, specially since they promote it is safe for pets!

link to it is here

So that is my story and I am still adding to it daily.... I find more and more uses and the best results :) 

My final thoughts on using colloidal silver, like I said, I do make colloidal silver and I do sell it in my shop, but that is not the reason for this post, I just want to tell my story about how well it has worked for me and my animals. I haven't been sick with a cold or flu, no sinus infection, for nearly 9 years now... that is really something to brag about! Whether you purchase colloidal silver from me or not, just get some! Every health food store has it and it is easy to get all over online.... or even better yet for a bigger family, buy a generator and make your own. Word for the wise, I would stay away from the homemade battery charged silver makers, the particles are not very small and not as bioavailable to the cells.

My best advise to you is use colloidal silver! for everything! You won't turn blue.... With properly made silver with the tiniest of bioavailable nanoparticles you are as safe as you can be. You will only benefit from it. 


Vikki :) 

Bellow are a few scientific research links I have shared on colloidal silver. Be wary looking up the benefits of colloidal silver there are a ton of naysayers out there wand misinformation, the proof is always in the pudding!