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Did Black Seed Oil Really Shrink My Tumor?

Can Black Seed Oil Shrink a Tumor

Have you heard of black seed oil? I'd like to take some time to tell you about this amazing oil.

In this post I am going to share with you some of black seed oil’s top benefits, where it comes from, the crazy awesome results I have personally had using it and please stay to the end for my tips on taking it as well as the exact way I took it and we’ll get into that right now…..

As the title in the post reads, did Black seed oil really shrink my tumor, the answer is yes but stay with me and I will explain in just a bit about that process. First let me tell you a little bit about Black seed oil, . It comes from the plant Sativa Nigella, there is evidence that this wonderful medicinal plant was around during ancient Egypt times. There were seeds found in several tombs and may have been used for flavoring foods or for medical purposes. Black seed has also been used in the middle east as a traditional medicine.

Research today has shown evidence of the seed lowering blood pressure and triglycerides as well as LDL. studies have also shown benefits from cleansing and toning the liver to reducing fluid retention, Government studies have even shown Black seed oil to be a powerful antibacterial killing Staph to a powerful antifungal killing the ever so prevalent candida, I could go on for hours quoting research and listing benefits but the most relevant research to this video is the benefits Black seed oil has for the respiratory system. Which was something I was always looking for in my protocols. Many active compounds have been isolated, identified and reported so far in different varieties of black seeds. The most important active compounds are thymoquinone like I said, I could go on and on about all the research and uses black seed oil has but I know your here to hear about the results I had with my tumor so I will stay on track …

Before I get into this any deeper, I just need to make a reminder, I am not a doctor and I am only telling my story of how black seed oil has worked for me, I am not prescribing or suggesting a cure for any disease. So with that said please read on anyway.. Lol!

okay so here is my story, about 13 years ago my left eye started to change and shift out and downward, long story short, after a trip to the doctor and all testing done I was diagnosed with an aggressive sinus cancer with a large tumor behind my eye that was growing fast and had remodeled my bone. At that time I was very sick with vertigo, nausea all the time and had constant sinus infections. I also had allergies to everything, I took allergy meds daily, anti nausea meds Aspirin and all kinds of other meds to get me through the day. So…… the doctors of course said surgery, chemo and blah blah blah, well this post isn’t about all the protocols I did, because I did do a whole lot of them and I am making a more in depth post and video on that, I will have those up soon. If you visit my Youtube channel be sure to subscribe and hit the notification bell so you won’t miss any of my future videos. Youtube channel link here Earth's Answers Youtube

So back to my prognosis, after most of my family passing with cancer and conventional treatments, I decided since my prognosis of surgery and chemo with unclean margins and survival estimate at 1 to 3 years after surgery I would try something totally different, I went all an all natura,l holistic super crazy lifestyle change, found a holistic doctor and all that, while all these things did stop the tumor from growing and metastasizing none of my protocols would shrink the tumor or make it leave…. I grew accustomed to it and it really didn’t bother me other than I looked pretty scary with my crazy one eye.

Since my transformation of becoming unbelievably healthy had sprang from my holistic and all natural lifestyle I slowed down on trying to find the right natural protocol to shrink my tumor, however I need to mention, my diet was pretty optimal, all the way through …..eating mostly organic and all natural, raw foods as much as possible. …So after learning to live with my tumor for 13 long years, an amazing thing happened, as I approached my mid 50s last year and started to get a touch of what I considered maybe arthritis, with bursitis moving around from joint to joint, I figured with the active lifestyle I have with the ranch, animals and garden it was normal but after researching and reading that arthritis is actually an autoimmune disease I decided to dive back into my research mode and find something to get me back feeling young as a spring chicken. This is when I found black seed oil, I was excited to try it for my arthritis and just all the benefits I have read about it. Well after about 4 months of taking it, I was feeling really good and having lots of great benefits that are boasted about it, especially the best sleep you’ll ever have taking it. As far as the arthritis, yes, it too was nearly a thing of the past, Even my plantar fasciitis that lasted forever went away with a pain relief salve I made using Black seed oil and the link to the video I made for that recipe is here The Best Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relief Salve Recipe You Can Make at Home

So 4 months in…. I have to back up and state this, I do take colloidal silver everyday and I have not had a cold or flu in 13 plus years I also do not have allergies anymore or get sinus infections ever! Period!! Soooooooo with that said, all of a sudden out of the blue my nose started to run a lot, and then a smell came that I can hardly describe . I guess if I have to I would say it smelled like sulfur or garlic and rotten something I really do not know it was pretty nasty, there was a color to it too, kinda of an off beige not yellow not brown but really a light colored beige, At the time I immediately figured I had a bacterial infection started so I started irrigating my nose with silver and upping my internal dose of silver and saw absolutely no results. It just kept coming out and in strange random times then it would not quit. I even change a few things around and used an olive leaf nasal spray, coconut oil with tea tree and even went with an oregano oil nasal wash, still no change it kept coming, This went on for about 30 days during this time my sister kept telling me, vikki it is the black seed oil, it is dissolving your tumor, at first I was in disbelief because it really seemed to me to be an infection, but one night about the 3rd week into this I noticed after a shower one night when i looked into the mirror my eye was inline with my other eye, swelling above the eye was nearly gone too, Then I started to get on board that maybe this stuff coming out of my nose was my dissolving tumor.

After approximately 30 days or so it slowed down to a halt and completely quit, I could breathe much better on that side as well and completely gained all smell back too, I have continued to take black seed oil now for over a year and I feel amazing on it. I do take more of a supplemental dose of 1200 mg daily, and during my first 4 months I did take 2000 mg twice daily in a gel cap, I can’t swallow it down in liquid form. It just tastes terrible to me but strangely enough I do like the flavor in light doses and want to experiment cooking with the seeds.

Now I can’t say that black seed oil alone dissolved my tumor because I do take a lot of other supplements and I am very healthy in general and eat a very healthy diet, it could be a combination of these things, but in the very first 3 years of my cancer diagnosis I did so many natural protocols and juiced everyday, I will say I do less now than I did then so maybe black seed oil is the alone star here , I really do not know but with all the research on black seed oil and lung cancer, it deserves to be shouted from the rooftops so everyone has this information. I do want to let everyone know that black seed oil can be safely used for cats and dogs and even horses. There is so much information out there on black seed oil, you should do some research for yourself and look into this amazing oil.

My dosage and protocol I used for the 4 months of taking it was 1200 to 2000 mg ( I switched around ) twice daily in gel caps, I used several brands with the highest thymeriquine I could find, Kiva Brand was one of the best and I would say the one I used the most. I bought it on amazon as well as their website, Here is a link to Kiva on Amazon, it was a few dollars cheaper than anywhere else. Kiva Black Seed Oil

I also took some of the oil with honey but oh my gosh that is pretty rough lol, I used this brand for the oil, Black Seed OIl also bought on Amazon, these are now my affiliate links :) Just do your research and get the best oil you can, it does make a difference!

As well as the black seed oil, I do eat a lot of raw fruits and veggies, drink several cups of green tea daily and I also take a lot of supplements. I think these things help your body during cancer die off. Be sure to read the article below, it has some of the research done on black seed oil and the lungs.

I do have an update on Black seed oil, my dog Abby has a tumor on her spleen, I have started her on the chinese herb Yunnan Baiyao to stop the bleeding as this is a vascular cancer, I put her on CBD and Black seed oil as well and had a terrible episode of bleeding, come to find out both the CBD and the Black seed oil are blood thinners, so do be aware of that when taking it. I know high doses of turmeric will make me bruise easily and black seed oil does not do this to me, so it may be a lesser blood thinner. But if you already have a problem with that or on beta blockers you may want to check into that! I took Abby off all the oils for now and she is just on her chinese meds with her mushroom blends and doing great. I do plan to add black seed oil back as she gets stronger. More coming on her condition and progress soon!!

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