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Does Bad Dog Breath Mean Gum Disease?

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Does Your Dog Have Bad Breath? 

Chances are if he or she is over the age of 3 the answer is YES! That adorable puppy breath is GONE!

So.... isn't it normal for all dogs to have bad breath? 

The Answer is NO! ....... It is NOT normal! 



GUM DISEASE is linked to many health problems in both humans and dogs, such as heart health and a weakened immune system which is supported by many clinical studies ..... it can also reduce the lifespan for your dog

According to the American Animal Association, the #1 sign of gum disease is BAD BREATH! 

They also state that 80% of ALL DOGS have some form of gum disease, that is 3 out 4 dogs will have gum disease in their lifetime. 

No More Bad Dog Breath Oral Care Spray


Just like us, the dog's diet has changed drastically... eating wet canned foods, processed dry kibbles with acidic sugary grains, like corn, soy and wheat are not what their ancestors ate! 

Of course a good raw diet with plenty of raw bones would be ideal, but it isn't always the easiest,

brushing your dog's teeth and gums is also a great idea for better oral care, but most dogs dislike it, making it a daunting chore.  

With 7 dogs of my own, they all had some form of bad breath, plaque, gum disease and tooth decay, I knew I had to come up with something better than brushing. 

So I came up with a mouthwash blend for my dogs that really worked wonders, in fact it worked so well on them, I started using it myself and all I can say is WOW! 

Since then, I now offer it in my store as an herbal mouthwash blend for humans that can be used for dogs too. I have tons of satisfied repeat customers for both humans and dogs :) I just can't say how amazing this stuff is!! You'll just have to try it! 

No More Bad Dog Breath Oral Care Spray

Try this out for 30 days on your dog, I guarantee you will see results! Don't forget, you can share and use it too :) Be sure to check out my store for 8 oz and 16 oz bottles for humans too. 

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