Posted by Earth's Answers on 11th Mar 2014

Get a Jump on Fleas & Ticks "Naturally" This Spring!

Here in dry dusty Oklahoma.......we can go from 35 degrees to 90 on any day in March, the bugs poke out on that first warm day like they have been there all along! Fleas and Ticks sluggishly hang around all winter just waiting for their chance to get a stand. 


Early spring or even better a few weeks before it's officially spring, is a great time to get a jump on these pesky critters. Fleas go through 4 life cycles, eggs, larva, pupa and imago, (adults). With their population being about 50% eggs, 35% larvae, 10% pupa and about 5% adults. So when you see a flea, there is a good chance you have 5 times more eggs around your house. Earth's Answers No More Flea Powders will kill all stages of the flea, from eggs, larva, pupa and adults. Using the powder before you see fleas and ticks can eliminate them from starting and infestation. 

Everyone knows how annoying fleas can be, but did you know they can do more damage than just leaving bites on you and your pets. Fleas can carry many diseases and also worms. Dog's usually do not groom themselves like cats do, but both are at risk to ingest fleas. The cat will ingest them while grooming and the dog can ingest them while scratching the bites with his teeth. Either way, when infected fleas are ingested, the cycle for tapeworms begins. Flea larva feed on tapeworm eggs, and when your cat or dog ingest them they attach themselves to your pets stomach lining to begin their cycle. Tapeworms reek havoc on a pet, taking all their nutrition and causing infections. Usually fleas and tapeworms go hand in hand, if you have fleas, you probably have tapeworms too, specially in cats. 



Ticks can be a bit more trickier to get rid of than fleas, ticks love to hang out in tall grass and in wood piles or bark of trees. Once they have taken up residence in a dog house or kennel, they can be hard to get rid of. Keeping grass mowed short and wood piles away from dog areas can help greatly. Sprinkling Earth's Answers No More Flea Powder around the kennel and directly in sleeping areas will kill the ticks in the immediate area. Since ticks attach themselves directly to your pet and don't do much crawling around it is best to pick the ticks off your pet at the first site and sprinkle the powder in the bedding and on your pet. If you and your pet are going to walk in any wooded areas, it is best to coat the dog in No More Flea Powder before you head out to help repel them.... if you happen to pick up a flea or tick and bring them back into your yard, it won't be a problem as they come in contact with the powder it will kill them. 

Keeping outdoor areas mowed short and carpets vacuumed often is a big help! Bathing pets through out the spring, summer and fall will help too and using Earth's Answers No More Flea Powder will kill all fleas and ticks that come in contact with it. This is how we have been flea and tick free for many many years now at the Horseshoe Ranch in Oklahoma, we use no chemicals on any of our pets or yard.