Posted by Vikki Schlegel on 1st Nov 2023

How to Make Hot Process Soap eBook

Hi Guys,

While this isn't your typical blog post, I am going to promote my eBook and videos I made on my process of making HOT PROCESS Soap along with Earth's Answers base recipe for all the soaps I make here in my shop!! 

Before I go on about my eBook and videos here are a few quick answers to some of my most frequently asked questions concerning hot proccess soap making. 

Do I have to use raw goats milk? 

No, if you do not have acceess to your own goat milk and you can't locate a local source you can buy powdered goat milk  (Walmart carrys it) and rehydrate it. Of course raw milk is the best but a good quality powder works really good! I do not recommend commercial goat milk in liquid form as it usually has additives. 

Do I have to use a crockpot to make hot procces soap? 

No but it is so much easier to keep a consistent heat, you will also want to only make the chemical process and  heat soap in an enamel or ceramic vessel. this is why a crock is so useful! Side note, look for crockpots at garage sales and thrift stores and dedicate them to soap making only, somehow no matter how well you cleanem if you cook food in a shared crock it will taste like soap lol. 

When can I use my hot proccess soap? 

If made correctly it can be used in 12 hours or when it is set hard, but wating at least a week or more will preserve the bar and make it last longer. Side note, always keep your soap in a dry place in the shower when not using it. 

Ok so on to my eBook!! It is a 26 page downloadable book showcasing one of my most popular recipes Wild Lavender Goat Milk Soap. For anyone who purchases my eBook I am available by email anytime for questions. :) 

Here is my Youtube playlist for my videos on soap making  

Here is a link to my eBook 

If you haven't tried making your own goat milk soap, you gotta try it! it is so easy and economical. The scents and benefits are endless!! You don't have to won a goat to make goat milk soap but I highly reccommend getting a goat lol!!