How to Naturally Worm Cats with Diatomaceous Earth

Posted by Earth's Answers on 20th Aug 2021

How to Naturally Worm Cats with Diatomaceous Earth

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One of the most asked questions I get, is how do I worm my cat with diatomaceous earth? 

It is an easy process and a bit different that most conventional treatments because diatomaceous earth works with physical action unlike chemicals. Traditional treatments using chemicals can lead to resistance where physical action won't or in the event it did it would take years for the parasites to adapt to the abrasive action diatomaceous earth has. With that said let me explain in more detail, how it works, dosage and the safety of DE. 

If diatomaceous earth is abrasive will it hurt my cat or kitten's stomach?  

No not at all, food grade diatomaceous earth has been ground down to a fine powder, this fine powder is harmless to us and our pets but deadly to insects and parasites. It has even shown to have a cleaning effect on the lower intestine. kinda like scrubbing the colon clean. A clean colon allows for more nutrients to be absorbed. There are many benefits to regularly feeding diatomaceous earth to your cat or kitten, not only to keep them parasite free. 

Exactly how does diatomaceous earth kill the parasites? 

Like stated above, it works with physical action, the abrasive nature of food grade diatomaceous earth will scratch up the outer layer of the parasite, this environment causes the parasite to die. It is important to get a good dose in your cat or kitten daily, the 7 to 10 days will pick up and shedding eggs. 

How long does it take to rid my cat of parasites using diatomaceous earth?

It's best to do a daily regimen for a full 7 to 10 days. If your cat or kitten has fleas, they will most likely have tapeworms. Fleas carry tapeworm eggs and when your cat or kitten grooms they usually ingest a flea or two so they most likely will have tapeworms. While the diatomaceous earth will kill those tape worms, if the regimen is stopped they can re-infect themselves with new tapeworms. so it is very important to treat for fleas at the same time. Diatomaceous earth can be used for flea powder and kill fleas as well. 

How do I feed it to my cat or kitten?

A good dose for cats or kittens that have worms are usually given by weight, diatomaceous earth is non toxic and very safe to ingest however while you can't overdose them you can under dose them. Just something to remember. 

Here is a guide to the best dosage for cats and kitten displaying parasites

Repeat daily dosage for 7 to 10 days and om some cases you can go longer if needed. 

Kittens or cats under 5 lbs 1/2 heaping tsp daily 

Cats over 5 lbs 1 heaping tsp daily. 

For a maintenance use above dosage 2 or 3 times weekly. 

There are many variables that may change these dosages, like outdoor cats that hunt daily compared to indoor cats etc. Cats with protozoas may need to take daily treatments for several months. 

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