Posted by Vikki Schlegel on 22nd Jan 2024

MYO = Make Your Own Natural Flea and Tick Spot On Oil for Dogs and Puppies

Hello guys, 

The 2024 Flea and Tick season is on it;s way! I have found using all natural remedies works best if you start early! I am sharing a recipe I have made for my 11 dogs that works really well! You can purchase mine on my website or in my Etsy store, or MYO = Make Your Own! If you get all the essential oils bought up now and make a big batch you should be ready to start your weekly regiemn right before those pesky pets come out! 

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My Original recipe for 2 oz bottle

Be sure to use pure therapeutic grade essential oils, not fragrance oils!

2 oz carrier oil, olive oil or fractionated coconut oil 

4 drops cedar wood essential oil 

4 drops geranium oil 

2 to 3 drops lavender oil 

2 drops cypress oil  (NOT on EPA List)

2 drops cinnamon leaf oil 

2 drops juniper berry oil    ( NOT on EPA list) 

The way I use it

Always put drops between the shoulder blades.

3 to 5 drops for under 15 lbs 

5 to 10 drops 10 to 30 lbs 

10 to 15 drops over 30 lbs

You can add several drops to a bandana or collar too! 

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