Cinnamon Sage Tooth Powder Herbal Mouthwash Combo

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Cinnamon Sage Whitening Tooth Powder with 8 oz herbal blend peppermint mouthwash. Crazy good stuff for the best all natural oral care you can do! Ever wonder how to remove plaque and whiten teeth naturally, well here it is!! Tooth powders are easy to use and remineralize and restore enamel. Added essential oils and dry ground herbs help heal gums too. can be used alone or mixed with coconut oil, or your existing tooth paste. 
My famous proprietary blend mouthwash dissolves plaque and whitens teeth, adjust ph and kills bacteria that causes bad breath and taste really yummy too!


Tooth Powder

Kaolin Clay

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Ground Cinnamon & Oil

Ground Sage & Oil


Distilled Water

Oils of Peppermint, Grapeseed, Grape Fruit Seed, Red Thyme, Rosemary, Neem.