10 PPM 16 oz Colloidal Silver Homeopathic Immune Defense for Both Pets & their People

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This is a MUST HAVE for any medicine cabinet for people and pets!! It is truly Earth's Answer to every infection! 

This is for one 16 ounce bottle of 10 ppm Colloidal Silver. 

People, Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Chickens, Ducks, Geese, All Birds, Goats, Ferrets, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, Horses, Pigs Cows, Reptiles, Anything!! Newborn to Elderly, it is completely safe! 

We make batch after batch for us and all our pets and livestock, it is all we use for any thing that ails our entire skin and fur family! 

We use the best steam distilled de-ionized H20 and make all our Earth's Answer's Silverbiotics in small 16 oz batches to create the tiniest silver particles for the best bio-availability. 

It's a must have in the medicine cabinet for your family and pets. Colloidal Silver is making it's way to the front for a Homeopathic Antibiotic

Great for OLD PETS with compromised immune systems, young ones, any age!! 

Here is a partial list of what we use it on with awesome results!! 

Daily Immune support and immune building
Cuts, Scrapes Burns, including deep lacerations
Eye infections from wind or allergies, conjunctivitis, pink eye.
Infected teeth, gums, mouth sores
Hot spots, skin infections of any kind. 
Kennel Cough
Bladder Infections
Food poisoning
Stomach ulcers
There are so many uses.... too many to list.

Made with High-Quality Nano-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator  

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I recently had a big ex race horse come down with botulism from a mouse who drowned in his water bucket.. Botulism in nearly always deadly to a horse as they are extremely sensitive to the bacteria, Antitoxins or plasma are the only hope for a horse with botulism and both those were not readily available in a good time frame for my horse. My Vet sent me home with a horse who could not stand on his own, paralyzed, sweating with a high fever and tremors. After research I found a few people tried Colloidal Silver for equine botulism with good results, so I started him on just 40 MLs of 30 PPM twice daily..... it was almost instant he responded and has come back fully on that dose. It is truly amazing stuff for pets. livestock and people. :)


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    Great product and health benefit

    Posted by Trish on 24th May 2023

    Love this product for keeping your immunity strong. Also great for pets.

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    Great for the Cats

    Posted by Laurie Cole on 28th Aug 2015

    My cats have been sneezing and congested, Vikki suggested I try this, it worked like a charm. The cats have stopped their sneezing and their congestion has completely cleared up. I have also used this for my tooth, I used about a teaspoon and held it in my mouth over the tooth, then swallowed it, the tooth ache stopped by the next day, I used it for a couple of more days after that and I haven't had any more problems with my tooth.

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    10 PPM Colloidal Silver 8 oz Homeopathic Immune Defense for Both Pets & their People

    Posted by Kara on 9th May 2015

    Great stuff! If you're on the fence, buy it! So much better than store bought!

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    Amazing Immune Support

    Posted by October Fields Farm on 21st Jan 2015

    Our Stella (15.5 yrs young), German Shepard 'drinks' her CS daily. It supports her immune system, fights infection and keeps her in tip top condition. The sprayer is convenient for topical skin allergies and for soothing hot spots. Vikki (owner of earths-answers) is a wealth of knowledge and very supportive and practical when trouble shooting conditions.