Bug Off All Natural Extra Strong Insect Repellent Fly and Mosquito Spray for People and Dogs

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Comes in a BPA free Amber Bottle in 2oz or 4 oz sizes. No need for nasty chemicals with harmful DEET, there is a natural remedy that really works!

This Blend is made EXTRA STRONG! It Works like a charm and is ALL NATURAL! A little goes a long way too.... :) I make this in a Balm too, visit my store to check it out https://www.etsy.com/shop/newearthanswers

I personally keep this in my barn, tackle box and a bottle on the back porch for me and the dogs too! It's great stuff and works really well! I spray myself down before I mow the grass and I never get a mosquito bite.

My Sister sprays her patio furniture before she sits outside. She swears by it... :)

I do make a blend for my boys with Citronella in it but I leave it out for me, I hate the smell of Citronella! lol! If you would like a custom blend with Citronella added to it, just let me know. The boys think it works better for ticks in the woods with citronella.

It is made for us humans but can be used on the dogs or horses too! It should not be used on cats, they don't seem to do as well with essential oils. I have used it on a few of mine that go outdoors with just a fine mist and they do tolerate it well, but each cat is different. So if you try it, use with caution. :)

Comes in either 2 oz or 4 oz size

Be sure to check out my other natural products in my store! Feel free to message me with any questions or concerns. custom blends are always welcome!