Dog, Cat, Kitten, Puppy Flea and Tick Flea Feed Supplement, Deworming Flea Control, Flea Remedy, Flea Preventative

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Dog, Cat. Kitten, Puppy Flea and Tick Flea Feed Supplement, Flea Control, Flea Remedy, Flea Preventative. 
This wonderful natural food supplement is an effective flea, mosquito, mite, lice and tick treatment and preventative. Working systemically from within, this unique blend makes the blood of the host unappetizing to blood sucking insects. 
It’s the best way to repel fleas and ticks without using harmful chemicals. This blend also helps eliminate intestinal parasites. If your dog or cat has visible worms, it is best to use the No More Worms Blend we offer in the Earth's Answers Store. 

NOTE: This is a feed supplement and is mixed in with food!

This is a special proprietary blend, that has been adapted by my family. We feed our dogs and cats lots of supplements and herbs for optimal health but it wasn't until we have had several customers want a feed only flea and tick remedy that we perfected this special blend. We love our natural topical No More Flea powder but it can be messy with house dogs and cats, This special blend will not only prevent and repel fleas and ticks, there is tons of health benefits as well. 

This does pair well with our Powder for double the protection. You can check out our famous No More Flea Powder in the Earth's Answers Store.

There is a lot of controversy over garlic while both garlic and onion contain thiosulphate, the substance responsible for causing ‘Heinx Factor’ anemia in dogs and cats,the amount of thiosulphate found in garlic is much lower than in onions, in fact the amount in garlic is barely traceable. Many dog and cat owners have fed garlic for many years with no problems, I am one of them, my dogs and cats have been fed garlic for over 40 years now. It is recommended that garlic be fed fresh, however I have grown my own natural garlic, dried it and ground it to a powder for my dogs and always get great results for flea protection. 
Some facts about Garlic - Garlic is a powerful, broad-spectrum antibiotic. it is also an antioxidant, anti-allergen, antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-protozoan, anti-viral and anti-carcinogen. Garlic contains germanium, an anti-cancer agent and an anti-protozoan.

The ingredients we use are : 
Organic food grade diatomaceous earth, for daily deworming and trace minerals 
Reduced bitter brewers yeast, great flea protection and B vitamins with amino acids
Non GMO Wheat Germ. vitamin E and omega-3 and -6 fatty acids
MSM or Methylsulfonylmethane - organic sulfur containing compound that is well known for its joint health benefits and much more. ( repels fleas and ticks as well)
Vitamin C Immune support 
Probiotics digestive and immune support 
Organic dehydrated ground garlic - Repels fleas with added health benefits (read above)
Grapefruit seed extract - natural preservative with tons of health benefits for dogs and cats. 

Dogs should be fed daily during flea and tick season, during off seasons you can feed it a few times a week. Cats should be a few times a week, detailed instructions are on the jar. It is best mixed into moist food, broth or tuna juice for cats. 
1 6 oz jar is about a 3 month supply for a dog under 50 lbs and about 6 months for an adult cat.


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    No More Fleas Daily Feed Supplement

    Posted by Andrea Geanacopoulos on 30th Jan 2023

    I ran out. And then I noticed my cat scratching excessively despite it being winter. Got her back on it & she is calmer, not biting at herself & the scratching has reduced significantly. Plus she really likes it in her food. Bought 2 this time, no rest when it comes to fleas.