Natural Flea and Tick Repellent Spot On Oil for Dogs and Puppies

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All natural chemical free spot on flea and tick repellent oil for dogs and puppies. This stuff really works! There are lots of great essential oils with pest repelling properties but I’ve found a blend that works great for my 11 dogs! I even use this blend on my goats, chickens, horses, cows and my sweet little pig BB.

This blend is not a good match for cats. while it is safe to use around cats, it is not recommended to use this blend directly on a cats skin or fur.

This proprietary blend of oils are some of my most favorite for repelling fleas and ticks. I do have a YouTube video with a more in depth view on using my spot on oil repellent and while I do offer my blend here on my website and in my Etsy Shop, I do also share my recipe for all my MYO = Make Your Own followers. My recipe can be found on my YouTube video as well as my blog on my website.


olive oil

cedar wood essential oil

geranium oil

lavender oil

cypress oil

cinnamon leaf oil

juniper berry oil



The way I use it Always put drops between the shoulder blades. you can add these drops to their collar or their bandana 3 to 5 drops for under 15 lbs 5 to 10 drops 10 to 30 lbs 10 to 15 drops over 30 lbs