Flu Away Virus Extra Protection Sanitizing Essential Oil Aromatherapy Spray for Teachers, Nurses, Daycare Workers.

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Great for school teachers, healthcare/nurses, daycare workers or anyone needing extra virus protection.

Our version of the famous Thieves Oil in an Aromatherapy Spray. Flu Season always starts in the back to school and fall season, however it can really be any time of the year! The cold weather forces many of us to be indoors more making germs more easily spread. Our family has figured out some awesome ways to keep healthy..... I personally have not been sick in over 9 years. 


4 oz Spray

Be sure to check out our 8 oz and 16 oz Refill Bottles 

This is our version of a 4 Thieves Spray

100% Pure Eucalyptus Oil that is know for promoting healthy respiration. 
.Eucalyptus was first distilled in 1788 when it was used to treat problems of the chest and has since become a common natural supporter for respiratory health.Traditional Chinese Medicine classifies it as tonic of the lung Qi, where it is used to assist with breathing function, and is associated with the moon and feminine energy. This nurturing energy is believed to be important to those who are vulnerable to illness or in need of purification from emotional stress.

100% Pure Lavender Oil
Encourages deep rest and relaxation. Promotes bright moods as it helps ease occasional stress and tension. Improves focus, energy and vitality.

100% Pure Rosemary Oil
Since 500 BC, rosemary oil has been used to support the immune & respiratory systems, boost mental awareness, soothe muscles and can help ease joint discomfort.

100% Pure Clove Oil
Known for its antiseptic and antiviral properties. Revitalizes and warms. Helps ease stress and helps fatigue.

This blend is great to use as a body spray if you have to be in enclosed areas where viruses have been. Great for a room spray in sick rooms or to anywhere you need to sanitize the air or hard surfaces, it can be used directly on the skin or as a hand sanitizer. It is 100% non toxic and no need to wash your hands before eating. Can be used as a foot spray for deodorizer and kill bacteria. Safe for use with children and dogs, do not use on cats :/ 
The spray is strong and can cause skin irritation in people with sensitive skin, so always check with a test spot first. I personally even use it for deodorant and have no irritation at all :) 

This spray is our natural version of Lysol, between eating fresh natural foods, cooking from scratch, taking our Colloidal Silver daily and using essential oils our family is now the healthiest we have ever been. :)