Good Dog Natural Aromatherapy Dog Training Anxiety and Stress Relief Spray

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100% Hands Down the BEST Aromatherapy Blend there is for dogs in training or under stress. Here is one of our favorite natural solutions for dogs with anxiety, whether it's from traveling, thunderstorms, veterinary trips, moving or even healing. This special blend of 100% therapeutic grade essential oils works wonders at relaxing a nervous dog. ;) 

It's a great blend to use right before training too, it truly seems to help them relax and focus. I use this blend on my big male Boxer, Tyson before our walk for a more relaxing outing. It really works! 

Just a few sprays around the neck and chest area or spray directly on a cloth collar does the trick. You can spray kennels, blankets or car seats for extra calming. 

Can be used on pregnant dogs and during delivery. 

Do not use on cats :) 

4 oz Bottle 
Made with blend of therapeutic grade essential oils Distilled H20, Clary Sage, Vetiver, Frankincense, Lavender, Ylang Ylang. 
These all work together with the most calming effect!