No More Stinky Dog Natural Cologne and Coat Conditioner Sticks & Bones Patchouli Rosemary

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Need a little doggy freshening up between baths? No More Stinky Dog is a natural blend of 100% Pure Patchouli and Rosemary Oil mixed with Distilled H20 and Grapeseed Oil. This awesome smelling blend mixes well with the infamous doggy smell and becomes more appealing to humans. :) 

Not only does Patchouli smell wonderful it has been noted for a skin soother in dogs and can be sprayed directly on hot spots for relief. Rosemary has a clean almost pine-like scent and is liked by most dogs and humans. We often find our dogs here at the Horseshoe Ranch flopping down into a Rosemary bush to roll. Rosemary has been noted for its ability to deter flying insects, we suspect this is why the animals like to roll in it. Both oils and grapeseed oil also will condition the coat.

This blend is definitely one of our favorites and is tolerated well even by the most dirtiest dogs! 

This is little 2 oz bottle is great to have around if company comes by or for road trips! :) About 250 sprays 

Always test your dog for the first time, by spraying a small area first, 100% safe and non toxic for dogs, even if licked. 
Do not use on cats directly, however it is completely safe to use in households with cats.