Best Ever All Natural Mosquito Repellent Bug Balm Kids and Dogs

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For many years we have made our favorite spray for mosquitos and flies which aren't usually real bad here in Oklahoma. ( Bug Off Spray ) but this year has been insane! We have gone from severe drought to flooding in one month and the Mosquitos we have now are the size of birds! ;)

It has made being outside impossible! Our spray works in lighter situations but we needed heavy artillery, and using chemicals is 100% out for us! So I went to my (Ranch) test lab and came up with the most intense, long lasting balm that really keeps them away! Since making it for my boys and all our area farmers seeing the results, I've had them lined up at my door step wanting some!

The boys said a little goes a long way! And it last 3 to 4 times longer then Off or Repel and most important NO DEET!

Can be used on all exposed skin! My boys said they even put it on their lips!
Bees wax
Coconut oil
Neem oil
Eucalyptus oil
Lemon oil
Lavender oil
Myrrh oil
Citronella oil

Can be used on dogs, rub in your hands and rub the dog! Great for their ears too
Can be used for horses, ears, under the belly, sores, legs etc!

Size I have in my Store
2oz $9.99
4 oz $14.99
8 oz $22.99 (Custom Request)

I also make this blend in a spray for Horses and also a rub on oil (comes with a mitt) Perfect for horses!!

Any questions or for special orders just message me! :)